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We made it to Nordstern!

If you follow me on my social media you might heard of Subspace Events which is based in Basel, Switzerland. I am one of the residents of this amazing event! My friends and I started this event really small, we had around 100 people on our first event at a very charming club called Kaschemme. We were really nervous every time and gave our very best at every event and learned each time and upgraded the following events, always tried to give and show the highest quality of our event that we could possibly make! Let me take a moment to show the appreciation to my friends from Subspace who hand crafted all stage decorations that we ever had! Dedication Ladies and Gentlemen! DEDICATION! :) (I did the Logo and Corporate Design XD ok?) We projected visual effects on white boards that we tried to change every event to keep it interesting and creative. It was important for us to have the name of the artist projected also on the wall. Because 90% of the time you just don’t know the name of the dj who’s playing, but with the name projected the artist gets a chance to have people that may come again because of them. In Kaschemme we booked our first headliner outside of Switzerland, his name was Priestland from UK, he brought us UK Bass and very nice vibes to our event! Thank you mate! :)

So after Kaschemme our event went over to Sommercasino, which is an old big mansion (capacity of 500 people) that is now at use for cultural events.

We could book our very first headliner Taiki Nulight, some of us were big fans of him and went bonkers as he confirmed the booking. We tried to give the best possible hospitality to our headliner and hero (haha). Comzy and I had the opportunity to go chill out with Taiki and show him our city, drink beer and chitchat. At one point I remember that Comzy and I looked at each other not believing that we are actually sitting with Taiki Nulight talking fun stuff. I mean we really love his music and and it was so surreal. Our event went well, we were sold out at 1am! Can you imagine it? We couldn’t believe it! So happy!

Next Subspace was with Jay Robinson also one of my favourite producers, so polite and down to earth person, was so honoured to meet him! He said that Subspace was one of his favourite events so far and that’s just such a nice compliment because we really care about our event <3

Martin Ikin such a funny and young soul, it was so nice to see how happy he was as we picked him up with a Tesla! And the guys were talking about soccer the whole ride from Zurich airport to Basel! So the night goes on and we are closer to Martins set and we had to remind him about the Swiss law of max 100dB (its how loud you can play in a club) and he goes “What?! No way!” haha I asked “whats the normal dB level in the UK?” he said “As loud as it goes!” haha I never expected that! I was the closing act this night and was so surprised and appreciated it alot as Martin actually stayed till 3am to listen a little bit into my set, that was very nice!

So now. We made it to Nordstern which is just crazy. Nordstern counts to one of the best clubs in Europe, they had many big headliners in the past years but what makes them so special is their really good sound system and of course their professionalism. We are looking forward to meet Billy Kenny and Daniel Neuland for our next event.

I personally heard Billy Kenny live last year in Ibiza at the IMS. What a set… This is how I would like to evolve as a dj (not to mention about his music omg!). The crowd was mixed, so many different ages and he made them dance like no other!

What makes us different from other events I believe that we really care about our artists. We personally pick up our headliners from the airport, and try to entertain them so they feel welcome. There is always a person around to make sure that the artist has everything she or he needs. If the artist wants to go out a bit before the gig so we go and hang out. If the artist wants to go to the hotel straight after the set so we make sure that this happens without any delay. Next day depending on the flight back, we take a brunch together with the artist and have a walk trough the city and of course take them to the airport. So we invest a lot of time but it’s so rewarding if the artist is happy and would actually love to come back. What do you think, they will tell every one else how great the event was so that’s never to underestimate.

I am very thankful that I can be a part of Subspace, this event helped me mentally so much and I think we all evolved so much since the first event that’s just crazy! Big shout out to Bufu, Comzy, Kaleiko, Insultan, Raofer and Sebastian Konrad. Thank you guys for everything!

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