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How to get motivated

In our current situation it is very hard to be motivated so I wrote down what helps me to be motivated in hope that it might help you as well.


If you really have a hard time to get things done and even feel stressed out, start small. Start with one of the things I’ve mentioned below that you feel comfortable with.


I believe that when you have a clean environment it keeps your mind fresh and let you have space for creativity. I trained my discipline skills like that. I said to myself that every time I change my clothes I will fold them and put back in my closet. I try the same with the kitchen. What also helps is to trash or sell all the stuff you don’t need or use.

start with one goal


Try to have a plan for the next day, start with one goal and work your self to a plan if it’s difficult for you at first. Write it on a sticky note. It is really satisfying when you can cross over the things you accomplished.


Write your thoughts down, doesn't matter what, especially concerning thoughts or ideas, write them down. It’s like cleaning and organising your thoughts.


I also have a hard time to keep up with my daily training but when I do it I definitely feel much better and I also feel like I accomplished something big.

if I have the desire to play all the time I kinda run away from things that I really need to do


If you play games - put a timer, let’s say 1h or one “mission” / day.

If you play too much for too long it can get you in an ignorant state of mind and you will have a much harder time to get yourself motivated because it’s easier to play games all day. And don’t get me wrong I love games but I notice that if I have the desire to play all the time I kinda run away from things that I really need to do. 


You don’t have to start with a book a day, start with one page or set a timer for 5-10 mins.

I believe after the current situation, we will face some major changes so it’s even more important to educate yourself and learn new things.

my sweat started to smell very bad!


I am also guilty of enjoying the fast made food or sweet food, but I know how much it affects your whole wellbeing. Really! Face it! I had less energy, bad digestion, bad skin, each day my cravings got bigger and intense and guess what, my sweat started to smell very bad! Yes if your sweat smells really bad - change your diet!


Start your day as if you would go somewhere. Take a shower and put some “outside” clothes on. Unconsciously you put yourself in a work mood or “I need something to do” mood and you likely wouldn’t go back to bed when you’re dressed.

I didn’t believe till I tried out myself


I didn’t believe till I tried out myself. What mediation does for me is calming my mind, taking time for myself and learn how to observe my thoughts and let them go and not trying to stop them. I really love the App Headspace, it’s a guided meditation App, you can choose topics and learn basics. You can start with 3 mins a day and let’s be honest it’s worth to try.

Once I was at a conference in London all day, met so many people, got so much content and I had to play at the evening. I had around one hour to chill in my hotel room and I tried to sleep but there was so much noice in my head, so many impressions and ideas… I just couldn’t sleep. So I meditated for 10 mins and fell asleep instantly for 30 mins without any problems.Just imagine this 10 mins completely calmed me down, I think thats amazing.

Thank you for taking time and reading till the end. I really hope it will help you at least a little bit and I hope you can do amazing things with the given time <3

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