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How to find inspiration for music production

I write this article to also help myself. I feel stuck in my production right now and before quarantine I had some simple things that helped me to get on and finish my productions. But now we are all in an unknown situation and this methods don’t work on me right now but maybe it could help you. I wrote down things that I made before quarantine and things that I do and try now during quarantine.

If you have any questions you can contact me on all social media platforms and also here on my website, just click on "contact", I would be happy to hear of your methods and solutions and struggles :)

Methods I used before Quarantine:

- Listen to my favourite producers. With listen I mean really lean back and concentrate on the sounds and how this particular track makes me feel, how many times did the producer applied this fx or melody in this track? Detailed listening.

- Reproduced a track that I liked or found interesting (it never sounds same and almost 100% of time when I started I came to completely new ideas).

- Stayed in contact with other producers.

- Worked on something completely different, something that has nothing to do with music.

Methods I use & try on Quarantine: - Make a basic arrangement of your track. For me it is easier to start with kick, hi hats, claps, snares. Organise it and you have already done something, listen to it and try different instruments around it just pushing some buttons and messing around. If its not working just let it rest for today and try tomorrow again.

- Freshen up and clean my surroundings. It changes my mood and makes me feel that I accomplished something. If you’re working at the same place and can’t really go and work somewhere else it can become a very unproductive place.

- Discover new music, listen to different styles.

- Produced something I never produced before. I tried Lofi Hip Hop, really love to listen to it in my free time and always wanted to try out.

- Taking time for myself. I stress myself a lot because of this unproductive time and I feel like that I can’t learn anything, like nothing can enter in my head. So I said to myself that I need now this time to be able to focus on something else like djing and streaming.

- Watching livestreams of other producers. I find it interesting that the streams that I see right now of many producers are so natural and they kinda show themselves from another side and I really appreciate that, that inspires me a lot.

- Getting feedback form other producers and asking for advice on my track.

- Collaboration. Sending my idea to a producer friend and start a collaboration. When you see what others can do with your idea, you can get inspired and work on it further and release a collaboration :)

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