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I wanted to share my experience in self-quarantine and everything else what’s happening now that I observe and find interesting.

As some of you might know, I live in Switzerland and we have the emergency state right now as many countries as well. We don’t have the lockdown yet but we can’t go out in larger groups than 5 people at a time, most shops are closed and many people are working from home.

The first thing that came in mind was how luxurious our daily “problems” were. And now it’s about food, medication and staying healthy. Many people never experienced an uncomfortable situation in their lives, most of them had always everything or more. Thats nothing to be ashamed of its just a very different situation and we should learn from it.

I started to really appreciate many things much more, all the big and little shows that I was blessed to be a part of, all the fun times with my friends, all the talks and laughs. Being able to travel and meet new people, see other cultures. Be able to go to the gym. As silly and cheesy as it sounds I never thought I would miss a hug from my mother because we are so close and see each other at least once a week and now we try to protect each other.

Fun fact: I can’t look at any pictures that includes many people near each other anymore, I get in a light panic state!

We all learn right now how to adopt to this situation and I find it fascinating how there is always a way out of a crisis it just takes time to find out. And also for all artists out there: There will be a solution to our limitation, we just have to keep creating because giving up and stay in panic won’t help anyone. I have almost always two opinions on anything and had kinda a panic side and felt really stupid for choosing to be a DJ and Producer, but its not, it’s what I felt happy with and I still am and I will find a way to keep doing it :)

I like to use as an example when the music industry faced the change from hardware to digitalisation, some gave up back then and thought there won’t be a way to make a living out of music. But look how that improved! This situation seems more difficult but as I said I'm positive that some of us will find a way.

Stay safe, stay at home and stay healthy <3

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