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My collaboration with Mr. & Mr. called "NIGHT WHISPER" is out on Brain Pain Records. This is my first released Track on a Label and I’m super excited for it. Brain Pain Records is a Swiss Label of my friend who is also an artist, her name is DEVN6 (CHECK HER OUT!). The label and herself are focused on the Techno / Tech House genre.

If you are also an aspiring artist like myself and I want to give you an advice. If you get to your first label don’t expect the magic to happen, you have also work to do because it’s also in your interest. Without the label requiring from me, it’s totally natural for me to create Videos (very simple once): Cover, spicy part of the Track, Date of release and Icons of digital platforms where it will be distributed. If you don’t have inspiration do your research on YouTube or Pinterest. Worth it.

Get your family and friends to buy your track to push the stats of your track, it really helps! Don’t forget to support your producer friends as well if they do it for you <3

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